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I keep a travel checklist in my phone that I reference each time I leave for a trip. It’s really helpful so I figured I’d share it on here in case other travelers stumble upon this blog. Enjoy!


  • Put your mail on hold or arrange with a neighbor to collect your mail & newspapers.
  • Set up your e-mail automated responses for the dates that you will be away unless you will be working throughout your trip.
  • Call your credit card companies & let them know where you will be if you are leaving the country. This is important so that they don’t accidentally disable your card due to strange activity.
  • If traveling international, call your cell phone company and switch your phone plan to international if you are planning to use it abroad. Not planning to use it abroad? Make sure to turn off cellular data and switch it to airplane mode for your entire trip.
  • Turn off electronics and power strips. Some people even turn off their water if they own a home.
  • Make sure your windows are all shut and locked. Not just for safety reasons but in case it rains while you’re away.
  • Call the airline for any specialty meals (I’m a vegan so this is a must for me… they also offer gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic, kosher meals, etc.)
  • Email yourself a photo copy of your passport. Should anything ever happen to your passport while traveling, you can reference it for all of your passport ID info OR if you ever need your passport info in a pinch later on, you can reference it.


(Note: I put ‘appropriate for your travels’ because this is a very vague checklist for all travelers)

  • Clothing appropriate for your travels (check the weather the week before and plan accordingly)
  • Accessories appropriate for your travels (scarves, hats, gloves, bikinis, a purse, a small backpack, jewelry, etc)
  • Shoes appropriate for your travels (running shoes, flip flops, hiking boots, winter boots, etc.)
  • A jacket appropriate for your travels, whether it’s a light jacket, a rain jacket, a snow jacket, etc.
  • Underwear & bras
  • Pajamas
  • Workout clothes if you plan to work out on your trip
  • An umbrella if necessary – like I said, check the weather
  • Your passport / Driver’s license. Also make a photo copy and e-mail it to yourself should something happen to your passport.
  • Chargers for phones, iPads, iPods, computers, cameras, etc.
  • An international power adaptor for the country you’re traveling to if traveling abroad
  • A computer or iPad (if necessary)
  • A good book, kindle or magazines to read
  • Headphones
  • An airplane pillow
  • Contact lenses, cases and contact solution
  • Glasses & sun glasses
  • A day pack / backpack for excursions
  • Toiletries (face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, razor, travel-size shampoo and conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouth wash, sunscreen, body wash, etc… whatever you use in your daily routine)
  • A hairbrush
  • Hair ties, bobby pins, etc
  • Make up & lip balm
  • Vitamins, minerals, medications (if you’re going somewhere with poor water or with a reputation for making travelers sick, I suggest packing stomach aids just in case)
  • Pads and tampons (for the ladies)
  • Cameras + batteries and memory cards
  • A journal and pens
  • A re-useable BPA-free water bottle
  • Snacks (nuts, dried fruit, energy bars, etc)
  • Tea (I always pack my own tea)
  • A deck of cards


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