If I Could Marry Norway, I Would

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I can honestly say that this has been one of coolest experiences of my life. Every day on this trip I’ve said the words “man that was the most epic thing I’ve ever seen” and then somehow the next day is even more epic. It’s unreal and as I sit here across from Raphael in the only ‘Kaffe’ in the small fishing village of Reine, sipping my earl grey tea as it snows outside… I’m still in awe of the beauty around me & this present moment.

I’m traveling with a group of 9 friends and I have to say – renting homes in small towns in the middle of one of the most beautiful countries in the world while having the freedom to be so creative throughout the trip (half of our group are filmmakers & photographers, myself included) is just the coolest damn thing. A drive that should only take us 4 to 6 hours ends up taking us 10 to 16 hours because we’re constantly yelling “stop the car!” jumping out and filming & photographing the beauty that is Norway. The only way I can describe it is that it’s as if I was inserted into a National Geographic photo spread… or one of those award-winning European car commercials… or the second half of The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Our home here in Reine doesn’t even have an address if that’s any indication.

I haven’t had much time to sit down and write because I’ve been so busy adventuring and filming (aka how it should be) but I’ve been taking a lot of notes and man do I have some epic stories to share later on. Some highlights include driving through blizzards, playing in forests & fjords, climbing mountain-side waterfalls in the rain, 3 AM long exposure photography sessions here in the arctic circle, mirror-glass lake reflections that are UNREAL right in our back yard, witnessing avalanches in the nearby mountains on a daily basis and yesterday we climbed a mountain. Now- I’m not talking some small 3 hour hike… I mean a REAL, snow-covered, no trails on the way up, very tall and dangerous, legit mother-f@#$ing mountain where we clung on to the sides as we traversed across rocks, waterfalls, deep snow & insanely steep inclines for 8 miles and thank goodness we’re rock climbers because damn that came in handy. Even so, it was one of the hardest physical activities I’ve ever done and only 4 of us made it all the way to the very top peak. The photo below is of me and Gavin standing on the peak of the mountain we climbed which looks like the ones in the background.

I have thousands of photographs to go through when I get back & narrow down as well as a travel & adventure video to edit (that looks like Planet Earth thanks to Raphael & Lila) so feel free to follow my blog so you can check those out when they’re all done. I’ll also write up some posts about where we went and what we did because everyone keeps asking me “WHERE ARE YOU?” So I’ll have all of that information as well. Also if you want to see more photos check out my instagram @EatCreateTravel

Sending lots of love from Norway! Here is some of the photography I’ve done so far on my trip. I took all photos below except the ones of me, which Raphael took with my Canon (and if he and I are in the photo, it was Lila or Paul).




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2 thoughts on “If I Could Marry Norway, I Would”

  1. Kimberly Ann says:

    Holy sh**, it’s so pretty! Obsessed with the way you made the lights from the homes look like embering flames.

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