ARCHANGEL – a short film

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I’m so darn proud of this short film, directed & written by my uber-talented boyfriend Raphael Rogers (and edited by me). When we saw Captain America 3 recently in theaters, we stayed through the enormously long credits to catch that secret clip at the very end and during those credits we counted about SIXTEEN different visual effects companies, each with hundreds of artists. It really does take an army to make a film from start to finish. This beautiful little short film amazes me because it was made on a very low budget with a skeleton crew from start to finish. Raphael didn’t have sixteen companies helping him create the visual effects… he did it all himself with the help of three others – Kareem, Paul and Lila. Yes – FOUR people did the visual effects on this film. I was the editor on the film and I used Adobe Premiere Pro to do the job.

It’s a concept short film for a long form project he hopes to develop. Congratulations Raphael! You da best. And a huge congrats to all of the cast & crew – you are all amazing.

Archangel | Short Film from Raphael Rogers on Vimeo.

Here’s a photo of us after our LA premiere.


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