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Norway Photography

Photography is one of my new favorite hobbies – I have a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking so for years I’ve been working with moving images and I am more recently falling in love with capturing still moments as well. All of the photos below were taken […]

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Day Trip: Ojai, CA

Oh, hi! That’s how Ojai pronounced… We love to take little day trips away from Los Angeles whenever possible in our super busy work schedules. We went to Ojai on a Sunday to check out the farmer’s market (my favorite in the whole, wide world) and […]

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Norway – Into The Arctic

My amazingly-talented boyfriend Raphael Rogers shot and edited this beautiful video titled “Norway: Into The Arctic 4K” from our recent trip to Norway. I will be  doing a full write-up on the trip with details and photography soon (because after seeing this video you’re going […]


If I Could Marry Norway, I Would

I can honestly say that this has been one of coolest experiences of my life. Every day on this trip I’ve said the words “man that was the most epic thing I’ve ever seen” and then somehow the next day is even more epic. It’s […]


How To Save Up To Travel

Happy Monday! As I get ready to depart with a group of friends this week for yet another epic adventure (we’re headed to Norway to film, photograph & hike along fjords & the Arctic circle), I figure it’s no better time to talk about how […]

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Travel Checklist

I keep a travel checklist in my phone that I reference each time I leave for a trip. It’s really helpful so I figured I’d share it on here in case other travelers stumble upon this blog. Enjoy! Put your mail on hold or arrange […]